Monday, December 7, 2009

"Christmas is Creepy" Music Video on the Disney Channel and YouTube

The Music Video is final available for public viewing. It premiered on the Disney Channel over the weekend and now can be seen on YouTube.

One thing I did notice about the video is that all the timing for the Stop Motion is off. I believe this is due to the editor changing the frame rate and speed of the original clips. Also, NONE of the DIGITAL MOUTHS sync!!! Ahhhhh..... This has to be from editor not syncing the stop motion to the timecode of the storyboards and playing with timing to match. This could be the result of a clip that for some reason didn't make it into the final edit.

Since I'm so used to editing most of the work that is done in the studio I rarely have these issues, and if I do I fix them fast. It's often easy to forget that Animation Editors and Live Action Editors are two different animals.

I would like to add the Andy Signore is a great director and did a wonderful job on directing his first Animated Music Video. He's done lots of work in the past with big names and his talent always shines through.

If you want to see the behind the scenes you can checkout the video below.


  1. Great stuff man! Loved the behind the scenes vid!

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