Monday, August 30, 2010

Winners Announced for the 2010 Stop Motion Film Festival!!!

Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival 2010 Trophy
Stop Motion Magazine is proud to aanounce the winners of the 2010 Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival!!!

Here are the winners:

Best Puppets Award - In the Fall of Gravity (Directed by Ron Cole)

Best Story Award - Miracle Lady  (Directed by Michal Abulafia & Moran Somer)

Best Technical Achievement Award - Operation: Fish (Directed by Jeff Riley)

Editors Choice Award - Miracle Lady (Directed by Michal Abulafia & Moran Somer)

Grand Prize (Audience Pick for Best Film: the Purple Monkey Award) - Bygone Behemoth
(Directed by Harry Chaskin)

We want to congratulate the winners in the competition and congratulate and thank all the directors that took part in the film festival for such a great night.

Now for the Highlights:

So we started the night with a sold out and packed venue. This picture doesn't even give justice to how full the place was since after the picture was taken about 15 to 20 viewers showed up and sat on the floor and in the isles. It was so packed the I (John Ikuma) couldn't even watch the show and had to stand outside the door and turn away a lot of people since there was no more room. Next year we will have to have a bigger venue.

Here I am officially opening the film festival and starting the show.

Here you see all us stragglers at the very end of the night before the doors were closed. Whats great about this picture is all the talented animators and vfx artisits possing for the camera.... Sorry I didn't label the names but you should know that it was officially a great moment for our art form.

Here's myself with Lina Younes (Director of BlackOut) at the following days Stop-Mo BBQ.... She came all the way from Dubai just for the festival!!!

Here is Audrey Holland (Director of the Snow Princess) possing with here Snow Monkey Award. This is a special award given to only the directors that were in the festival who showed up to the BBQ!!! Lina I'll mail yours right away!!! Whats funny is the idea came from Audrey asking "Can I have a Blank Monkey" and someone yelled out "It's the Snow Monkey Award!!!".  Super cool... We'll be doing that every year since it took a couple of seconds to make infront of everyone. We had about 40 people at the BBQ but I was to busy talking about animation and cooking hotdogs that I only took a couple of shots from the night. Next year you directors better be there to get your "Snow Monkey Award!"

With that being said I have to get some much deserved rest. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the Harryhausen Issue..... But I need some sleep for a couple of days.


  1. Awesome job man!!! I wish I was there … next year I’m coming for sure.

  2. I just wanted to say
    and thank you for putting on the festival!

  3. The "Snowies" Oh man, I wish I was there. So much coolness under one roof!

  4. I was really proud to be part of this first edition of The STOP MOTION MAGAZINE Film Festival! Too bad I was about 3,000 miles away from the actual event but, I got to be there virtually via the web and amongst friends no less! :)

    And I became even happier at the end when the my name was called out as a winner! Of course I thank everyone there for that excitement and boost to my spirits. (and the prizes are pretty freaking cool too!)

    That was an awesome experience and I hope to have another film ready for next years event as well! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! :)