Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our VFX advertisement is up on You Tube

The Visual FX advertisement for the Battle Pack is up on You Tube. This is the first in a line of promotional videos for the magazine. The purpose of all this marketing and promotion of the free visual fx and the magazine is to promote this wonderful art form (Stop Motion) and bring new interest to it. Plus the effects greatly help those that don't have the means or the capabilities to make such effects.

So now you can see the Executive Editor in true puppet stop mo action!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Geralds Last Day

I first met Justin and Shel Rasch at the 2007 ASIFA StopMo event and right away I could tell that they had something magical about them. After talking to them for about 30 minutes I decided to ask them if they'd be interested in being filmed for a Documentary I was working on about Stop Motion Animators which is called "In the Shadows of Light". Recently I decided to take a new approach to the documentary and the follow up docs. So this left a void as to what to do with the footage I shot of Justin and Shel in 2008. So with some quick editing and a click or two of the mouse I am happy to let the world see the interview from 2008 where Justin and Shel take me behind the scenes of their award winning Stop Motion Film "Geralds Last Day".

It has been a huge success in the festival circuit and Justin and Shel are now moved on to a new project. As for the Documentary I was working on. Well it's still a go.... but since the approach is different it will be a lot easier and faster to make. Also be a lot more informative.

Anyway, here's Part 1 and 2 of the Geralds Last Day - Behind the Scenes:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Executive Editor in Puppet Form, VFX Packs, and New Interns Paint a Stage

So after a long wait, I'm finally in puppet form. This new puppet version of myself (John Ikuma) is a foam latex puppet with wire armature and a plastic cast head. The puppet is going to be used to make a number of promotional videos for the magazine.

The first promo spot will be to advertise the new VFX Packs that are free to everyone. The first release is the "Battle Pack" which contains HD 720p 30fps clips with alpha channels. In this pack there are Muzzle Flashes, Explosion, and Fire with Smoke. You can download them for free at www.stopmotionmagazine.com and use them in anything you like without worrying about royalties.

 In other news.... Apparently the family wanted to get in on the act with painting the Zorg Vlog Stage. I can tell you that these two monster (My Daughters) are obsessed with Stop Motion and all they ever ask is "When are you going to build our stage?". So I nominated them official interns for the day and let them loose. The oldest one is already writing her first script!!! I guess the apple doesn't fall far.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Monster is Alive!!!

Finally after many many weeks of design and work the monster is finally done. The creature is going to be used in the short film "The Earth Died Screaming" which is a working title I believe and not final. The Short film is directed by Anthony Flores and should be sent to festivals starting this summer.

 The Monster is made from Foam Latex with a wire armature inside. He's airbrushed with PAX Paint and has Fimo claws and teeth. Good fun old school monster making.

 Animation starts today and it involves compositing the creature into some live action footage. There's about 5 or 6 shoots and the Camera Operator went crazy with movement when shooting the live elements. So it's going to be a hard bumpy road to get the creature to match. Luckily I forced them to shoot with a monster stand in who is wearing a pink full body suit that's very similar to a spiderman outfit. This should make it possible to align the monster and the footage.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sculpting a Monster

This sculpture has been a long time coming. I originally took this project on back in October to animate a monster for a short film. The basis of the film is that a group of 20 somethings go camping and get picked off by some creature from with in the woods. 

The pictures don't really show the detail since the clay is dark. There's a lot more detail that needs to be added in paint along with claws and teeth. Today I begin the mold making process and tomorrow should be ready for foam latex baking. There's a lot to do still and should hopefully have the production done by Sunday.