Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop Mo Film Fest on OCT 7th and the Entries Are!!!!

The Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival 2011
is happening October 7th 2011 @ 8pm

The festival will be held at the Echo Park Film Center (

Current accepted entries to be screened are as follows: 

Kevin Harman - An Inconvenient Fish - accepted
Kevin Harman - You're My Ghoul - accepted
Zack Williams - Pineapples & Pork - accepted
Brooke Duckart  - Cat WACO - accepted
Ethan Winsby - The NEOMORTS - accepted
Sean Cruse - Refresh - accepted
Julianne Eckert  - Goodnight Molly - accepted
Steven DeLuna - Beware the Bear - accepted
Kenneth C. Tyner - Encounter Attack - accepted
Melissa Bloom - Otto - accepted
J. Hasani Walker - They Forgot - accepted
J. Hasani Walker  - Snip - accepted
J. Hasani Walker  - Tailypo - accepted
Maureen Zent - Bostle Sleench - accepted
Trevor Clarke - Roy - accepted
Michelle Williamson - The Craftsman - accepted
Louis Morton - Moe's Musical Morning - accepted
Karin Ito - Pandora's Box - accepted

*If you do not see your name or film listed above, please be aware that this is currently a partial list and there are a few entries waiting to be reviewed. Note that not all entries were accepted. Main reason for festival rejection this year was due to unplayable file formats and or content of an extreme nature.*