Thursday, December 30, 2010

Count Down to final moment of Donations

So the final count down has started and there are only a few hours left to donate your hard earned money to help in the production of  the Feature Length Documentary "In the Shadows of Light". You can make a donation at this link:
Production has been great! Though some interviews have had to been rescheduled due to the Holidays. But not a worry at all since shooting should conclude by the end of January. There's so much to do with the film and so much footage to review and edit. It's been great meeting people in the Stop Motion Community here in Los Angeles. Everyone has been really supportive and open. Recently I interviewed the makers of the short film "Nanuk" and their lead animators. They were super awesome and fun to hang with.

If you can make a small donation to the film that would be great and would help in the supplies cost for making this documentary about Stop Motion in Los Angeles.

All the Best
John Ikuma
Executive Editor
Stop Motion Magazine

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harryhausen Issue Coming this Week!!!

The Picture above really tells the story of whats been going on. It's totally been a "Tortoise and the Hare" race around here. Some things are going very fast and others are taking a very longtime to finish. For one thing I am very greatful to Tony Dalton and Ray Harryhausen for helping out on the latest issue. Many many many hick-ups along the way have delayed the issue far beyond it's due date. But luckily we are close to completion. In fact the issue should be out this week!!!

On another note... The Documentary has been keeping myself very busy and filming is halfway done. If you'd like to help out with a donate then please do... It would make a great Christmas Gift for someone and would help to push the project along.

"So whats been going on really?" you ask.... Fo one thing there's been a ton of puppet making and animating thats been happening. Recently I was forced to make some Puppet Rigs for animating Walk Cycles using a Ball-N-Socket method. Fun but a ton of work. Also, we have a couple of videos in production for our YouTube Channel. One is a Sappy Robot Love Song and the other is a cute Munny Animation Song. Juggeling these with the normal everyday work is very dizzing. But it's all moving along.

And one last note.... Will Vinton interviewed with us for the up coming December Issue which will be out on Christmas. Will was awesome to speak with and we hope you enjoy that issue.

Stay Tuned this week for when we announce the release of the Harryhausen Issue

Keep Animating
John Ikuma
Executive Editor
Stop Motion Magazine