Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Tutorials on the Way

Uploading the remaining Foam Latex Puppet Making tutorials to the YouTube channel today. They should all be up by tomorrow morning and we will be taking a break from tutorial videos until September 2010. Mainly because there's 3 Magazine Issues in the works currently, a Film Festival in August, and a ton of StopMo videos being developed and worked on.

Heres the next tutorial in the series. The others will be up by tomorrow.

As for Film Festivals, it seems that the Ray Harryhausen Stop Motion Film Festival is creating some confusion with the Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival. As for right now the magazine is involved with the Tribute but will most likely need to step away from that event and remove sponsorship since in the opinion of the Editor-In-Chief that the Tribute is not being handled properly and is completely confusing to applicants of the Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival. I am greatly saddend by the fact that we won't be involved but this is necessary since we love and respect Ray Harryhausen and his work and want him to only be represented in the best light and feel there is a conflict of interest between the magazine and the festivals organizers. We hope the individuals running the Tribute the best on their success and wish them well.


Anyway, stay tuned and well have a lot more to share in the coming days of all the craziness going on.

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