Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Japan Rocks!!!

This week has been completely amazing. Traveling all over Japan has given myself a completely new look on the world we all live in. For one thing you can only bow so much until your back starts to hurt and Ramen is the best food in the world when you can't get a greasy cheese burger.

But enough of my waxing nestalgic. Here's whats really been going on. Today I interviewed the heads of Dwarf studios. Their most famous character is Domo-Kun for whom you've probably seen in marketing campaigns in your region of the world. Mr. Goda and Mr. Minegishi are two very inspiring people who have earned my undieing respect as both people and creative geniousis.  In the above picture you'll see from left to right-myself (John Ikuma), Director and Head of Dwarf studios Mr. Goda, and famed stop motion animator Mr. Minegishi. Apparently Domo-Kun likes the sake I brought for the creators....

In the picture above you see myself and Master Ball-Joint-Doll artist Ryo Yoshida. The only way I think I can describe meeting Mr Yoshida is that it was like meeting Rembrandt. He is considered one of the most important people in the art form of Doll Making and one of 2 people in history to have developed and pioneered the Japanese style BJD. Such a profound moment in my life to have spent a couple of hours talking to him. I hope to meet him again some day in the future.

In the above picture you see myself and Ball-Joint-Doll Graphic artist NORI at the last day of his gallery show. Very cool to hang and talk about his methods of making his paintings and Photography. His art is both in computer graphics and photography in which he depicts dolls in different environments. Wicked Cool!!! Look him up.

And Finally the Neiko-Cafe!!!!
Yes there is a place in the world that is called the "CAT Cafe" and what do they have? CATS!!!! And what do you do with them? Play!!! Also you drink coffee and tea and read manga and watch anime. But who cares about that stuff when you can play with the CATS!!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I spent a half hour there and don't feel at all guilty about paying to play with these cute little fur balls. If only there was a Dolphin Cafe.....

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