Monday, April 18, 2011

Pax Paint Tutorial is Now Available

Ok, its been a long time since we update the blog. There's a bunch of reasons for this so I'll give you the short list... Computer Failure, Tragic World Events that effected us, Payed Commercial Gigs that ate up the little time I personally had....

Good News!!! We are back in action! The video you see above is one that many many many people have been requesting of late. It's the basic tutorial on how to make and use PAX Paint in a brushing method. This video is the last in the Stop Motion Foam Latex Puppet Series.

There will however be more puppet making videos in the future. So keep an eye out for those. Also, some fun short films will be added.

So for now, checkout the video and start making some awesomely cool puppets!!!


  1. Love this. I could watch these tutorials all day, John. Great looking puppet, great tips.

    Will buy Prosaide from and would like to visit your other cool sponsors too. Maybe all their links in the sidebar as they join in?


  2. I enjoyed that tutorial! Thank you for posting it. I am definitely going to look into airbrushing a puppet with Pax paint.