Saturday, August 20, 2011

Issue#12 and the Cancelation of Twisted Clay!!!

The New Stop Motion Magazine Issue #11 June 2011 is now officially available for Free Download at I know, your saying "Hey, it's August! Where's Augusts Issue?!?!". Well, since everyone is on vacation that helps with the Magazine, plus being on the crew of a stop motion television show for the summer, the magazine is way behind. But, I'm pushing through with getting the issues out. Hopefully my crew will come back soon, LOL. So I hope you enjoy this issue which marks the 2 year anniversary of the magazine. WooHoo!!! 2 Years!!!

On a Sad Note....

Twisted Clay Film Festival is Officially Canceled!

The Twisted Clay Film Festival was apparently just a pipe dream this year. I wanted to provide a place for animators of all kinds to showcase their strange and disturbing work and dedicate a festival to them. Due to the lack of Entries and the fact that we already have the Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival 2011 on its way. I felt taking the handful of entries from the Twisted Clay and playing them at the Stop Motion Film Festival would just make things easier for everyone. Sorry, but I got to keep it real...

Also, this may be the last year for the Stop Motion Magazine Film Festival due to the overwhelming flood of Stop Mo Festivals that have popped up all over the world. When we started the first festival there was only the G.I. Joe Festival that we knew about. Over the past year I've seen a handful of festivals that are taking free entries. Which is great!!! But since the magazine is located in Los Angeles and the price of renting theaters is high out here I am forced to think about the time, effort, and necessity of such an event. We will however run this years Stop Motion Magazine Film  Festival 2011!!! The location is still up in the air. 

With that said.... Keep Animating...

-John Ikuma
Executive Editor
Stop Motion Magazine

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  1. HI John, looking forward to the new issue.

    Sounds great rolling the Twists into the main festival. Makes good sense.

    If the web gets a little faster, someone could hold a satisfying online festival. Screen films, live video chat, etc. Coolness without leaving the house.