Monday, January 25, 2010

Alien Blog - The Zorg Blog!!! First stages of Build

As we mentioned in a prior post we've been scheduling a build for an upcoming Video Blog with a Stop Motion Puppet as the host. The "Zed Vlog" was actually the wrong name, ooops! The real name of the Video Blog is the "Zorg Vlog". The puppet will be a Foam latex puppet with an Aluminum Wire Armature with replacement heads. The body will be painted with PAX paint and the heads will be painted with Acrylics.

Here's the Body Sculpted Maquette:

Also, he will have his own dedicated animation stage which will stay standard for the Video Blog. This will greatly reduce the amount of time for animation in the hopes of turning out many videos fast.

Here's the Table:


Got to get back to the Magazine it's self for the February Release. Stay Tuned!!!

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