Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rained Out in Los Angeles

If you haven't heard it's been raining buckets and buckets here in Los Angeles California. This definitely puts a damper on any build that is in progress. But the upside is we can hopefully finish the magazine early. Our release date for the issue is set for February 10th 2010.

Also, we have recently been testing out a free download section for giving the community some extra tools for making Stop Motion Animation. Currently we have a Beta file in this section which has some muzzle flashes and some backdrops for compositing into your shots. We hope in the future to upload some puppet templates, a free library of professionally made sound effects, and some explosions for comping into production shots, all completely FREE!!!

Check out whats currently available at our website:

The interviews for the Gumby issue have been going very well. We want to send out a big thanks to everyone we've interviewed and will be interviewing.

So for now I'm personally going to stay dry and out of the rain and the cold and keep the production flowing.

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